Now Playing: M.E. - Gary Numan


Maya and I were watching something on Amazon or Netflix and I heard this song during an end credits sequence to a show I can not remember. I looked it up then quickly forgot about it. In the coming days, I thought nothing of it, but I could vaguely remember a single 80’s looking person on the cover. I began to google single 80’s acts like Billy Idol or Cory Hart. Nothing.

Later I had a flash and remembered the title: M.E. Normally this would have helped, however, Taylor Swift had just released “ME!” ruining SEO for this song. I persisted. It took me a little time, but I finally landed on Gary Numan and this dynamite song.

The beginning synth beat is the best part and I find myself restarting the song midway through just to hear that section again. The song kind of drops off once additional instruments are added to the synth, but it never loses that spark as the beat shines through.